Stop Delivering Zombie PDFs.

Start Delivering Smart Connected Documents.

PDF has been the prevailing format for over 20 years. But that doesn’t mean it’s the right format.

Most engineering documents are published, distributed, stored, and shared as static, standalone PDF or Word files. But engineers actually use these documents like data: regularly copying/pasting, and manually rekeying text, tables, graphs, images, and equations into other applications like MS Word, Excel, PLM, and more, with constant references to internal and external content. They search for specific pieces of data to answer questions, fulfill requirements, and get them to the next step in their workflow. 

PDF makes these tasks difficult, time-consuming, and even risky since engineers are copying and rekeying static information that doesn’t get updated from the source. Using outdated or inconsistent data in the supply chain causes mission-critical slowdowns, rework, and compliance issues. PDFS are “zombies”: dead-text documents that can come back to haunt you later.

A 21st century solution is needed. SWISS is what’s next.

SWISS turns PDF, Word, and other static documents into interoperable, actionable data that integrates seamlessly with engineering workflow applications. SWISS is a live linked-data platform that dynamically maps relationships across documents created by authoritative members of the SWISS community. So ASTM documents “talk” to ASME, which talk to SAE, which talk to Boeing and other OEMs, which talk back to ASTM.

SWISS Empowers Publishers to:

  • Offer your content the way your users need it: as interoperable digital data
  • Improve discoverability of your content
  • Build stronger customer relationships — and keep them long-term
  • Drive new net revenue from a premium product
  • Sell on your own terms, with your own pricing, and your own business model
  • Gain better insight into customer use of your content
  • Improve IP protection

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